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New Years Kick-Start 1.5x Cash Bonus On
Your Weekly Legends Rewards!

Kick-off 2020 with a 50% cash bonus on your Legends weekly cash reward!
Plus, you can earn access to Essential content on Run It Once for 1-month!

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New Years Kick-Start

We’re keeping the New Years’ momentum rolling by rewarding players a 50% cash bonus on all Legends weekly rewards for the following two weeks, Jan 6th – Jan 12th and Jan 13th – Jan 19th! In addition to the cash bonus, if you achieve our Hearts Rank, in either week, you’ll earn access to Essential content on Run It Once Training for one month!

How does the 50% Cash Bonus work?

Whatever value a player earns for the week from our Legends rewards program, they will receive an additional 50% credited directly to their account.

For example, if a player reaches Hearts Level 5, regularly, they would receive a €100 cash reward for the week. With this offer, they’ll receive an additional €50 (50%), for a total of €150 for the week.

How do I earn access to Run It Once Training?

All players that achieve at least Hearts Level 1 in either of the two weeks will be eligible to receive access to Essential content on Run It Once Training for one month.

After each week has concluded, 23:59 on Sunday Jan 12th and 19th, our team will confirm all the players who achieved, at minimum, Hearts Level 1, and we will send all eligible players an email asking them to verify their Run It Once Training username. Once a player has confirmed their username, we’ll upgrade their account within 72 hours.

Please note, players can only unlock access to Essential content for one month in total. If you achieve Hearts Level 1 in both weeks, you will only receive access to Essential content for one month.

Have More Questions About The Legends Rewards Program?

Check out the homepage for the Legends program to get even more information on how everything works and to learn how you can earn more rewards than ever!

This is a one time promotion that will begin on Monday, Jan 6th at 00:00, and run through 23:59 on Sunday, Jan 19th. All times are based in GMT.

A player can only receive one Legends Rewards Cash Bonus each week, if a player is eligible for more than one Bonus, they will be awarded with the highest value bonus from all eligible bonuses.

Read our full bonus Terms & Conditions here