Splashy Hours Extra Rakeback
Every Day

We're increasing the rakeback via Splash the Pot
Every day between:
11:00 - 15:00 & 00:00 - 04:00 UTC!

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Splashy Hours is Back!

Splashy Hours is returning! Every day, we’ll be hosting two separate 4-hour splashy hours windows where we’ll be increasing the rakeback via Splash The Pot. During the first two hours, we’ll be cranking the rakeback dial up to 60%, followed by 45% rakeback during the third and fourth hour. This is in addition to rewards earned through our Legends Program.

Our four-hour splashy hours windows will begin at 11:00 on Monday, April 6th, and run every day until Monday, April 13th, with the final splashy hours window finishing at 04:00 UTC.

During Splashy Hours, every table will be splashed with extra rakeback. All players are eligible for this promotion. Join any table during any of the splashy hours, and instantly see the extra rakeback hit the tables!

How is Rakeback calculated?

The mechanics will be the same as our standard Splash the Pot promotion, with the exception being we’ll be splashing 60% or 45% rakeback on the tables instead of the standard 30% rakeback.

When and how will players get rewarded?

Players that win splashed pots will be rewarded instantly.

This is a one-time promotion that is available for all players. Our four-hour edition of Splashy Hours will begin on Monday, April 6th, at 11:00 UTC and will run every day until 04:00 UTC Monday, April 13th. Please note, all times are based in UTC.

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