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Dynamic Avatars

Your opponents’ expressions reveal their playing styles.

  • Easy-to-use player reads
  • The emotion of live poker

Get a read on your opponents

Our dynamic avatar feature brings a human element to online poker. Just take a look at your opponents and let their expressions do the talking. Determine who is playing tight, loose, passive, or aggressive.

Passive Players

Players that check and call more than bet and raise.

Aggressive Players

Players that bet and raise more than check and call.

“Our Dynamic Avatars provide a fun and
easy way to gather information about
your opponents’ recent play.”

How It Works

Avatar expressions are based on your particular playing time at that table. The longer you are at the table with your opponents, the more these avatar expressions will start to normalize. Keep in mind that these playing style descriptions are a representation of how that person has been playing at the table, but they are not necessarily an indicator of how that person will play going forward.

Avatar states and the sample size of hands are reset once either player gets a new publicly-displayed screen name. This occurs whenever a table breaks, or when a player has been away from a table for more than four hours.

For more information on this, please see our ‘Table Alias’ section.

In-Depth Look at the Stats
used for the Dynamic
Avatar States

All of the Dynamic Avatar states are based on a few key preflop statistics:

  • Voluntarily Put Money in the Pot % (VPIP)
  • Pre-Flop Raise % (PFR)
  • 3-Bet % (3Bet)

Postflop statistics are not taken into consideration at all. This is due to a couple of factors:

  • A desire to keep the avatar states relatively simple and straightforward.
  • The fact that postflop statistics take considerably longer to normalize, and thus are way less useful (and potentially misleading) during a single session.

A player’s avatar state is based on how Tight or Loose they are playing, in conjunction with how Passive or Aggressive they are playing.

  • The Tight to Loose scale is based on their VPIP%
  • The Passive to Aggressive scale is based on their PFR% and 3Bet%

See the Stats on the tables with our HeroIQ built-in HUD