Rake at Run It Once

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Our rake is structured to make it possible to succeed at all stakes. Every player should have the opportunity to use their skill to pursue their poker goals.

“We believe in beatable games and fair
pricing for a healthy poker ecosystem, not in
charging whatever we can get away with”

How It Works

In case you are new to poker, or unfamiliar with the concept, the “rake” is the small amount of money that is taken out of each pot and goes to the house. It is a fixed percentage, and is almost always capped at a certain point. For our exact percentages and caps, please refer to the tables at the bottom of this page.

An important aspect of maintaining a healthy poker economy is the ability to give some of the collected rake back to the players. This helps create a poker environment with fun and beatable games.

At Run It Once Poker, we are committed to giving back an enormous amount of the rake directly to the players: 51%, to be exact.

The 51% of collected rake is put back on the tables via our “Splash the Pot” feature, such that all players have an equal and fair chance of benefiting from our generous rakeback feature. For more information on how it works, please visit our “Splash the Pot” section.

51% rakeback through Splash The Pot is just the beginning. Our players can earn even more rewards through promotions like streamR and by taking advantage of our First Deposit Bonus.

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