Road to Legend

Our legendary weekly cash rewards program is here!

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Earn up to 75% total rakeback, every week.

With Legends, you can progress through the ranks to win even more cash rewards every week - up to 45% rakeback. This is in addition to our standard in-game rewards program Splash the Pot, which now offers 30% rakeback to all players.

It is easy to guarantee weekly cash rewards.

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Play in our cash games to gain points.

Points increase

Level Up

Reach point goals for guaranteed cash rewards.

Cash reward

Get Cash

Cash rewards received on the Monday of every week.

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Advance through the Ranks
and earn extra rakeback!

When playing in our cash games, you’ll accumulate points and guarantee yourself increasingly larger cash rewards as you hit the points goal for each reward.

Each week, progress through our Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, and Legends ranks for an even bigger weekly cash reward!
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10% clubs reward   +   30% splash the pot   =    40% +
level points required level-up boost cash reward
60 40 €0.25
150 50 €0.50
250 25 €0.75
325 25 €1.00
400 50 €1.25
12.5% diamonds reward   +   30% splash the pot   =    42.5% +
level points required level-up boost cash reward
600 90 €2.50
850 160 €3.50
1,250 270 €5.00
2,000 440 €8.00
3,000 340 €11.50
15% hearts reward   +   30% splash the pot   =    45% +
level points required level-up boost cash reward
4,500 500 €22.50
6,000 500 €30.00
8,500 1,000 €45.00
12,500 3,167 €67.50
20,000 3,333 €100.00
20% spades reward   +   30% splash the pot   =    50% +
level points required level-up boost cash reward
30,000 1,000 €200.00
35,000 4,000 €240.00
45,000 4,500 €300.00
57,500 4,500 €380.00
70,000 6,000 €460.00
30% legends reward   +   30% splash the pot   =    60% +
level points required level-up boost cash reward
90,000 5,000 €900.00
+15,000 5,000 +€150.00
Whilst in the "Legend" tier, you will continue receiving additional
weekly cash rewards of €150 at each level, and a boost of 5,000 points,
for every 15,000 points earned.
Check out the Four Week Streak to see how you can increase your rakeback to 75%.
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How to earn points?

There are currently 6 ways to earn points:

Progress bar

Play Cash Games

Players will receive 1 point for every €0.05 in gross rake paid. Each week players will need to earn a minimum of 60 points to achieve Clubs Level 1 and start receiving cash rewards.

Achieve New Levels

Everytime players level or rank up they will be rewarded with extra boost points. These boosts will vary in size depending on the reward level reached.

Log In!

Every week players will receive a 10 point boost for logging into the client for the first time.

Play One Hand

Every calendar day players will receive a 15 point boost for playing their first hand of the day. Calendar days are based on 00:00 - 23:59 GMT.

Table Starter Boost

Help start tables and earn an extra 50% boost on all points earned while playing 3-handed. Anytime you're playing 3-handed, you'll automatically receive this boost and earn 1.5 points for every €0.05 in gross rake paid.
*Only applies to 6 Max Cash Game Tables.

Table Saver Boost

Save tables from breaking and earn double the points while playing heads-up. Anytime you play heads-up, you'll automatically receive this boost and earn 2 points for every €0.05 in gross rake paid.
*Only applies to 6 Max Cash Game Tables.


Get more cash rewards with

The Four Week Streak

The Four Week Streak is a rolling bonus program that offers players the chance to earn a cash bonus on top of their weekly cash reward!

This award will be a flat payout calculated as a percentage value of the cash rewards earned by a player during the final week of the streak.

The percentage will vary based on the lowest rewards Rank that was achieved during the Four Week Streak period.
Streak statistic

Example Four Week Streak:

Streak steps and progress
If, during any four week period, a player achieves the Ranks shown above
(Hearts, Spades, Legends, Spades), they would be eligible for the 20% Hearts Four Week Streak bonus.

For example, if in the final week, this player achieved Spades Level 4, earning €300.00 weekly cash reward,
they would be entitled to an additional €60.00 (20% of €300) via the Hearts Four Week Streak bonus.

The following week (week 5), they will have a chance to achieve the Spades Four Week Streak bonus.

Check out how to increase your rakeback to 75%

When & how will players get rewarded?

The Legends program will run weekly, Monday (00:00 GMT) through Sunday (23:59 GMT). Payments for the Legends program will be credited to your account within 48 hours of the conclusion of the week.
Please note, the Legends program will begin on Monday, November 25th, 2019.

The timezone for this promotion is based on Greenwich Mean Time.
Read our full bonus Terms & Conditions

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