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Splash the Pot

Up to 75% Rakeback including 30% directly back on the cash game tables!

  • In-Game Bonuses
  • 30% Rake Returned
  • Rewards All Players

Generous In-Game Rewards

At Run It Once, we randomly select hands across all stakes and boost their pots with real money, in real-time! In total, we splash 30% of all the cash game rake collected back on the tables. On top of Splash the Pot, players can earn an additional 45% direct rakeback, for a total of 75% rakeback, via our weekly cash rewards program, Legends.

“Watch out for your opportunity to win a
splashed pot.”

How It Works

Splash the Pot rewards all players by returning 30% of all the cash game rake collected, in the form of random “splashed pots”.

Whenever Splash the Pot is triggered, it will be clear to everyone at the table. As the hand is dealt, gold chips will be dropped into the pot, the table will glow, and the pot size will be listed in gold. All of these visual cues will remain for the duration of the hand. The winner of the hand will collect the main pot, along with the added Splash the Pot bonus money.

Every hand that is dealt has a chance of activating the Splash the Pot feature. That chance is based on the size of the pot from the previous hand, so the bigger the pots played at the table, the more rewards given out!

Each gold chip represents 1 big blind in the game being played, with bronze chips valued at 25 big blinds and platinum chips worth a whopping 100 big blinds!