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30/30 60% Rakeback
30% Via Splash the Pot
30% Direct Rakeback

Extra rakeback for one week!


Starting on July 31st, we’re raising the rakeback to 60% for all players for seven days!

30/30 is a one-week promotion, where players will earn 30% rakeback via Splash the Pot and 30% direct rakeback for any play taking place between 00:00 CEST on Wednesday, July 31st and 23:59 CEST on Tuesday, August 6th.

How is 30% Rakeback Via Splash The Pot Calculated?

The mechanics will be the same as our normal Splash the Pot rewards system, with the exception that only 30% rakeback will be splashed back on the tables. Players that win splashed pots will be rewarded instantly.

How is Direct Rakeback calculated?

Direct Rakeback will be calculated as follows:
Gross Rake Paid * 30%

When and how will players get rewarded with Direct Rakeback?

Payments for 30/30 will be made directly to player’s accounts within five days of the end of the promotion. Please note, this promotion will end at 23:59 on August 6th.

This is a one-time promotion that is available for players (no opt-in required) between July 31st (00:00) and August 6th (23:59 CEST).

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