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Double Trouble Week 2X Legends Rewards +
Double Splash the Pot

During the week of July 13th - July 19th, players will enjoy
2x Legends Rewards + Double STP Rewards for 8 Hours Every Day!

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Double Trouble Week

Introducing Double Trouble Week!

Starting on Monday, July 13th, we’re doubling down on our weekly Legends cash rewards! Normally, our weekly Legends rewards program allows players to earn up to 75% total rakeback every week. During the week of July 13th – July 19th, players can cash in on even more value, as every Legends prize will be worth twice its standard value!

That’s not all! We’re also doubling our in-game rewards for eight hours every day! Every day, we are hosting four Double STP Windows, each two hours long, where we will be splashing 60% rakeback on the tables!

We decided to start the week early, and our first Double STP Window will start at 23:00 on Sunday, July 12th. The rest can be found below.

First Time Depositors Receive up to 134% Rakeback!

First-time depositors have the added benefit of receiving extra cash rewards from our 100% Welcome Bonus! When you factor in these additional prizes, first-time depositors can earn up to 134% rakeback this week!

For example, first-time depositors that reach our Legends Rank will receive 134% rakeback during our Double Splash the Pot Window, and 104% during the remaining hours!

By achieving our lowest rank, Clubs, first-time depositors will earn 100% rakeback during our Double Splash the Pot Window, and 70% during the remaining hours!

How does the 100% Cash Bonus work?

During Double Trouble Week, all Legends rewards will automatically be worth twice their standard value! Players will be able to follow their progress directly in our client.

For example, if a player reaches Hearts Level 5 under normal conditions, they see that they have earned a €100 cash reward for the week. During this promotion, players that reach Hearts Level 5 will see that they have earned a €200 cash reward!

How do the Double STP Windows work?

The mechanics will be the same as our standard Splash the Pot rewards, with the exception being we will be splashing 60% rakeback on the tables, instead of the usual 30% rakeback.

Players that win splashed pots are rewarded instantly.

Getting Rewarded

Our Legends program runs weekly, Monday (00:00 UTC) through Sunday (23:59 UTC). Payments for the Legends program will be credited to players’ accounts within 48 hours of the conclusion of the week, and this payment will include all Double Trouble Rewards.


Double Splash the Pot Hours is a one time promotion that will begin on Sunday, July 12th, 23:00, and run through 01:00 on Monday, July 20th.

Double Legends Rewards is a one-time promotion that will begin on Monday, July 13th, 00:00, and run through 23:59 on Sunday, July 19th.

All times are based in UTC.

Please note, this promotion only applies to 6-max cash tables.

Read our full bonus terms & conditions here.