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Euro's Match Pick'em Celebrate the Euro's
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We're hosting daily pick'ems for extra rewards!
Plus, we're hosting an overall pick'em leaderboard!

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Euro’s Match Pick’em

Celebrate the European Championship with us! Starting on Friday, June 11th, every game day, we will open up voting on the match of the day, where our players can earn extra rewards by selecting the correct match-winner based on the spread.

Players will also accumulate points based on correct selections throughout the entirety of the tournament. In the end, the top ten will earn even more rewards!

Place your predictions for the upcoming matches using the relevant links under the “Schedule – How to Pick’em” section.

Daily Prizes

Throughout the entirety of the tournament, we will host three separate daily promotions. Daily promotions will run on the calendar day of each match.

On days there aren’t any matches, players receive extra rewards for these days based on the day following the break. For example, there aren’t any games on June 24th & 25th. The daily bonus rewards for these two days will be decided based on June 26th’s match.

Players will earn their added rewards if they correctly predict the winner, based on the spread for each given match. The matches can be found below.

25% Extra Direct Rakeback

On direct rakeback days, players will earn an extra 25% rakeback on all of their play for that calendar day, 00:00 -23:59 UTC. Rakeback will be calcualted as follows: 100% Gross Rake multiplied by .25.

Players will receive a credit to their account within 72 hours from the conclusion of the promotion.

Double Splash the Pot Winnings

On Double Splash the Pot days, we will be matching all Splash the Pot winnings for that given day(s), 00:00 – 23:59 UTC. For example, if you were to win €50 from Splash the Pot on Saturday, June 12th, you would receive a €50 credit within 72 hours from the conclusion of that day.

Cash Booster

During Cash Booster days, players will earn extra cash rewards for completing at least three levels of a given Legends Rank. Depending on which Rank, they can earn an extra cash reward ranging from €5 to €750. 

Players are only eligible to receive one cash booster reward. The reward will be based on the highest Rank that a player completes three levels. For example, suppose a player completes two levels of Hearts. In that case, they will receive an additional €15 from the Diamonds Booster because Diamonds was the highest Rank where they completed three Levels. Rewards for each Rank can be seen below.

Schedule How to Pick’em

Below, you will find the upcoming schedule through Tuesday, June 29th. To vote, simply click the link and submit the following: Run It Once Poker Username, the email address associated with your account, and your prediction.

We will be using a handicap system every match. For example, suppose a team is +0.5. This means they are given an extra 0.5 goals for the game. If the game ends in a tie, then anyone who selected the team that was favored 0.5 goals would receive the daily promotional benefits.

Polls will close one hour prior to every match. Once the polls are closed, there will be no more entries available. Submissions will be based on the initial submission. Any extra submissions, will not be counted. Results are based on the score at the end of 90 minutes, including stoppage time.

All games have been completed.

Overall leaderboard

Every time you correctly predict a winner, you will earn one point on our overall leaderboard. At the end of the Championship, the ten players with the most points will win extra rakeback on all of their play from June 11th to July 11th! The amount of extra rakeback varies by position. Prizes can be seen below.

We will supply an update on the overall standings every Monday and Friday. By competing in this promotion, players opt-in to having their usernames shared publicly.

In addition to these rewards, the top ten players will receive access to Elite content on Run It Once Training for one month.

The top five players will also receive access to one of Run It Once’s From the Ground Up courses. These courses include, From the Ground Up: NLHE, From the Ground Up: PLO, From the Ground Up: SNG, and From the Ground Up: MTT.

Current standings:

1st: Kikaze – 14 correct predictions

2nd-4th : No-one – 13 correct predictions

2nd-4th: dynAAmoo- 13 correct predictions

2nd-4th: robby0000- 13 correct predictions

5th-9th: sohoskiracer- 12 correct predictions

5th-9th: Readinho – 12 correct predictions

5th-9th: oswaldoja- 12 correct predictions

5th-9th: whereisrivaldo – 12 correct predictions

5th-9th: sisma – 12 correct predictions

10th – 12th: celtian- 11 correct predictions

10th – 12th: olliecass1 – 11 correct predictions

10th – 12th: arnie_137 – 11 correct predictions


Please note, this is a one-time promotion that will start at 00:00, on Friday, June 11th, and run until 23:59, on Sunday, July 11th.

All times are presented in UTC.

By competing in this promotion, players opt-in to having their usernames shared publicly.

Read our full bonus terms & conditions here.