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€1,000 on The Line
€500 on Saturday & Sunday

This weekend (Nov 23 & Nov 24), we’ll be giving away cash to our sprinters
via a combination of a leaderboards and random draws.

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Weekend Sprints

The Weekend Sprints are returning, and we’re putting €500 on the line on Saturday and Sunday! The Sprint period will be run between 00:00 – 23:59 CET. Details for the upcoming Sprints are as follows:

Each day, we’ll be giving away a total of €500, split into two separate prize pools.

First off, we’ll be awarding the top 10 sprinters based on points earned during the 24-hour period via the Top Sprinters’ Prize Pool.

Points earned are based on hands played with a multiplier for each stake as follows:

For example, if a player plays the following number of hands, 100 at 4NL, 100 at 10NL and 100 at 50 NL, their total points would be 700
(100 x 1)+(100 x 2)+(100 x 4).

Top Sprinters’ Prize Pool: €400

Can’t make the top 10? No sweat!

Another €100 will be split evenly amongst 10 randomly selected winners. All sprinters will receive one entry into the draw for every point earned during the 24-hour promotional period. Sprinters who land in the top 10 in the Top Sprinters’ Prize Pool are still eligible to win a randomly drawn prize. All sprinters are only eligible to win 1 randomly drawn prize.

Random Draw Prize Pool: €100

Getting Rewarded

Sprinters that place in the top 10 and/or win a randomly drawn prize will receive a credit to their account within 48 hours of the conclusion of Sunday’s Sprint.

There is no opt-in requirement for this promotion. We’ll make an announcement on Discord and Social Media when the credits have been made. Any player who receives a credit will also receive a notification email.

This is a one time promotion that will only run during the weekend of November 23rd – November 24th. This promotion will conclude on Sunday, November 24th at 23:59 CET. Terms Apply.

Read our full bonus Terms & Conditions.